Our house is locally known as 'Villa Olof Palme'.
Prime minister Olof Palme of Sweden was a devote visitor of Crete, and our house was offered to him as a gift from the people of Mochos.
After his passing the house has been used as a museum in honor of Olof Palme.

Here are some historical photos of Olof Palme at his (our) house, and his visits to Crete in the 1980's.

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The story of Olof Palme

Olof Palme (1927 - 1986) was a Swedish politician. He led the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1969 to 1976 and from 1982 to 1986.

On 28 february 1986, Olof Palme was walking home from a cinema in Stockholm, with his wife, Lisbeth Palme. He was shot from close range, and passed away that night. He left behind his wife and 3 children.

His assassination is still shrouded in mystery. Several men have been pointed out as the murderer, the latest one in 2020. Many people believe that this isn't the real killer, and they think that the killer will never be found.
In many places around the world, Olof Palme still gets remembered and celebrated. Streets and buildings are named after him, and his legacy lives on.