Mochos is a moutain village, located at a height of 400 meters (1300ft) near the coastal town of Stalis. It's part of the Pediada province, in the municipality of Stalida.

There's a road from Stalis that leads through Mochos, to the Lassithi Highlands. Mochos is a charming, traditional village with a vibrant town center. At the town square are several cafes (tavernas) and restaurants. You can also find all amenities like supermarkets, hairdresser, pharmacy, bakery, sweets shop and other shops in the center.

Mochos is based on a mountain plateau, surrounded by olive orchards. Most inhabitants are farmers and agrarians.

Mochos has a very active cultural guild whom organize alot of festivities. The yearly carnaval celebration is one of the highlights of the year. 

Easter is also largely celebrated.

There are 21 churches in Mochos, the most well known one on the square, the Annununciation of the Virgin Mary church.

There are 2 museums in Mochos, the folklore museum behind the square, and since June 2023 there's also a museum dedicated to Olof Palme, on the main road of Mochos.

Our house is locally known as "Villa Olof Palme". Prime minister Olof Palme of Sweden was a devote visitor of Crete, and our house was a gift to him from the town of Mochos. 
After his passing it has been used as a museum.
In 2016 the house got fully renovated and is used as housing again.

Our appartments got the ideal location to use as a base for exploring Crete. With just a few kilometers of the coast and the popular towns of Chersonissos, Malia and Stalida.
We live at the foot of the Lassithi Highlands, which is full of history (like the cave of Zeus, where Zeus has been born according to the folklore)

Every wednesday night there's a Cretan night on the town square of Mochos (in walking distance of our house). It's an evening full of traditional dance, eating, drinking and having fun! 
Make sure you won't miss these unique nights when staying at our appartments!